Teamwork Makes the Dream Work 

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 Baja Race Next Week

Next week, Dennis Rogers and his nine crew members will man three chase trucks, one race bike, one spare bike (for parts on the road) on loan from Travis Chase, two sets of wheels on loan from Brian Church and Blake Kirkpatrick, and two sets of Dennis’ Mag & Pits, (5 sets total) as he sets out to break a record, as the oldest man to Ironman the Baja 1000. To raise awareness about and funds for Chronic Kidney Disease, Rogers, aged 62, will head out on a dirt bike to complete the 50th anniversary race.

Chase Truck

toolFor the uninformed, a Chase truck meets him at checkpoints along the race, offering fluids, spare tires, food, water and moral support. Chase truck crew are there “just in case.” Along with the Chase trucks, Dennis will have a pit support team that will man 18 pits up and down the Baja Peninsula, where he and his bike will fuel up nearly every 50 miles. Mag 7 will pit.

Team Support

Extreme driving an SUV.Dennis is humbled by the support of his team:

“What my team has done is amazing. They’ve taken money out of their own pockets to buy fluids, spare parts and to take care of some of the logistics. Frank Domme has put together pit books, which include pages of data, race course maps, team-member phone numbers, emergency numbers, SCORE race information and the race game plan. Frank has also bought spare parts and is supplying one of the chase trucks, complete with the tools and gear needed to run it.”

Chase 1 includes Frank, Mike, Heather and Frank.

“Chase 2 is my truck. It will contain the spare bike so that parts can be borrowed from it, if necessary, as well as tools and gear.”

Chase 2 includes: Steve, Scott and Christian, each of whom has used their money to help make this race happen. What’s more, Chase 1 & Chase 2 members are paying for their own fuel!

Chase 3 includes newbies, Lin and Andrew (Both of whom will be coming in from Colorado for the race! In addition to travel costs, they’ll be covering their own expenses for the race.)Helping Each Other

“Although they are not new to Mexico, they are new to a Peninsula run. Veteran Frank or Mike will likely move to that truck so that my support staff will include an experienced guy in each truck.”

Dust on roadBaja 1000 Schedule

  • On Tuesday, the team will gather for breakfast before contingency and tech. We will commune and discuss the race.
  • Wednesday is a rest day. We will enjoy a team lunch at Horsepower Ranch.
  • From lunch, Chase 2 and Chase 3 will head south 300 miles and wait for me to arrive.
  • Chase 1 will be with me at the start, which is at 12:01 a.m. on Thursday. They will also head south after the start. From that point on, I won’t see any of my team for 300 miles.
  • This is where Mag 7 Pits comes into play.
  • From this point on, my chase trucks will be leapfrogging huge sections while I am apart from my crew.
  • They will gas my bike up every 50 miles until I arrive at my Chase trucks.
  • At about the halfway point, which is 600 miles, 16 to 18 hours into the race, my team and I will take a three-hour nap. This is the reason we need at least three crew members in each chase truck; one is always resting.
  • Even Baja race officials know that no one can go 40 hours straight.


Race Fundraising Update

The entry fee for one pro Ironman motorcycle is $3,840. And a trophy truck fee is only $4,580. I’ve had donations in several different denominations, with the largest at $1,000 and the smallest at $200. Donors have included friends and colleagues I’ve worked with over the years. So far, I have received $2,700 in various denominations (this, on top of the $1,200 donated by my crew, dipping into their own pockets). And that doesn’t include the $2,500 in fuel they will likely end up kicking in before the race is over. By the time all is said and done, the race will cost about $20,000. I had hoped to raise $40,000 so I could contribute $20,000 to kidney research. But I’ve been largely discouraged in that regard, since no one seems to care about Chronic Kidney Disease. Still, though, I will continue preaching kidney health awareness.

I’ve received sponsorships and/or discounts from the following:

  • Maxxis Tires (all race tires donated, valued at $1,000+)

  • Precision Concepts (50% off – a discount of $500)

  • Baja Designs (35% off—a discount of $350)

  • Scott’s (25% off – a discount of $200)

  • Others have provided parts, equipment and services.

Final Thoughts

This race will be long, hard and challenging. It is a test of will. My crew and I will be exhausted at the end. The day we finish, Chase 3 will head north to home, Chase 1, 3 crew members will fly home on Sunday and report to work on Monday. The rest of us will head home Monday morning.

Team Viejo Loco Chingon

Chase 1
Frank Domme
Mike Domme
Heather Domme
Frank: Colapinto

Chase 2
Steve Gardinier
Scott Campbell
Christian Hanks

Chase 3
Lin Neal
Andrew Neal

About the Race

The Baja 1000 allows drivers to compete in one of several vehicle classes – from such small and large bore motorcycles, stock Volkswagen, production vehicles, buggies, trucks, and custom fabricated race vehicles. The course has remained relatively unchanged over the years, alternating in a point-to-point race from Ensenada to La Paz, or a loop race starting and finishing in Ensenada.

About Dennis Rogers

If you believe in what I am doing – calling attention to the importance of kidney health by competing in a race that most sane people would never attempt, please donate today. Click here to donate to my GoFundMe campaign. Or, better yet, if you would like to be part of the team this November, contact me to ask about the fantastic sponsorship opportunity.

Follow my videos learn from my experiences, laugh at me or with me.  I will share my knowledge of what in hopes I’ll be able to help others along the way. The best advice I can give is to get to know your kidney health. A simple blood test can reveal how well your kidneys are functioning. So, ask your doctor for a test. It will be time well spent.

VLR Front Update BLKIf you’d like to contribute by pre-ordering a T-shirt,  COD.

Men’s Sizes S, M, L, XL, 2XL & 3XL ($30)

Send payment via PayPal to Then, email your size preference and address. 


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