SCORE 50th Anniversary Baja 1000 Partnership Opps

Dennis Rogers Baja 2017

Viejo Loco Chingon Racing

Dennis Rogers, Solo Rider (Ironman)

PO Box 482

La Verne, CA 91750

909 908-0585

Partnership Sirs;

The SCORE 50th Anniversary Baja 1000 is this year, it will come but once. It is happening within my life time, at just the right moment in time. After many years of different forms of Off Road Racing, on Motorcycles, in Buggies and Trophy Trucks the timing could not be better. No one, has ever “Soloed” (Ironman) the Baja 1000 after the age of 60 on a motorcycle, at 62 years young, it is my time! Soloing (Ironman) the Baja 1000 will Definitely be a test of will and the goal is to finish.

Four years ago I had a life changing event, most would say for the worse, I say for better. After years and years of periodic intense pain (from about age 10), the root cause of the pain was diagnosed by technology, which had finally caught up to me. One of my kidneys was removed due to a birth defect. The ureter tube between the kidney and bladder did not form correctly. The ureter tube would clog periodically, not allowing the kidney to drain. The intense pain was created by the kidney swelling from lack of flow, without flow your kidneys slowly decay internally.

This year’s Baja 1000 is not only a once in a life time, it is also the perfect time to show people that a full life is possible with one kidney. Promoting Kidney Awareness in America is part of my Endeavor. Through social media, press and a website I will update my progress, be it physical training, bicycle endurance training or motorcycle seat time leading up to the race on

November 16, 2017. Along with posted training updates, I will record videos, so everyone can follow along while I tell my story in my own words. Experiences I have gone through related to my kidney throughout the years, the surgery and insight I have learned along the way.

Little tid bits of information, some details may make people cringe, while others are humorous, life should be humorous.

Partnership is just that, a joining of talents and skills that mutually benefit both. It will be my honor to welcome and encourage you to become a partner with Viejo Loco Chingon Racing Team. Your experiences, qualities, talents and skills will enhance the SCORE 50thAnniversary Baja 1000.  At the very least please be aware of your kidney health. A simple blood test can tell you how well your kidneys are functioning. Donate to National Kidney Foundation. Many kidneys will thank you.


Dennis Rogers, Viejo Loco Chingon Racing